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  • Stress and passion, a delicate balance

    Stress and passion, a delicate balance

    Learning to cope with stress may be especially challenging when cultivating a passion. Taxing agendas, responsibilities, the demands of others close to us (children, partners, extended family, friends), and work commitments can become a stumbling block when we lack the time, space, and willingness to do what we love, what allows us to “flow.” Stress can become an enemy of passion, but passion can also be a friendly tool to reduce stress and anxiety.

About Joyhood

Joyhood is a facilitative and empowering environment to cultivate your passions. 

Take the plunge into Joyhood, develop skills, mindsets, and behaviors, gain knowledge, build social circles and experience the nurturing power of communities.

If you feel that ordinary happiness that we all experience when we do what we love and do it with others, our goal will be fulfilled.

We truly believe that, in the long term, by doing what we love, having a passion, and being part of a community will positively impact our mental health and overall well-being. 

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