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  • Pride Month guide: How to foster inclusive environments for the pursuit of passions.

    Pride Month guide: How to foster inclusive environments for the pursuit of passions.

    This article is a must-read essential guide that provides strategies and resources for center and studio owners, group leaders, the LGBTQ community, and allies. Learn about the challenges faced by LGBTQ individuals and discover effective methods to promote diversity and inclusion in academies, centers, studios, and communities—access practical tools and worksheets to foster welcoming environments where everyone can pursue their passions and dreams equally.

About Joyhood

We created Joyhood as a facilitative and empowering environment for you to find and live your passion fully.

Take the plunge into Joyhood, develop skills, gain knowledge, and experience the nurturing power of communities.

If you feel that ordinary happiness that we all experience when we do what we love and do it with others, our goal will be fulfilled.

We truly believe that, in the long term, by doing what we love, having a passion, and being part of a community will positively impact our mental health and overall well-being. 

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I’m sharing the Eisenhower Matrix. I find this tool very useful for helping you plan your week, prioritize tasks, avoid getting overwhelmed, and, most importantly, make time to engage in the activities that bring you happiness and joy.

Read how to make the most out of this tool in this blog post:

Let’s continue doing what we love!
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