Do what you love, find ordinary happiness


  • Passion groups. These groups gather people who want to meet like-minded individuals, expand their social circle, and support others with tips, hacks, and tricks so they can thrive in their quests. Everyone can create or join a passion group.
  • Collectives. These groups are managed by instructors, studio owners or group leaders. They are closed and only accessible by their members who benefit from positive discussions and exchange with other members and instructors. 
  • Joyhood resource group. Created for people to discuss, find, or get pointed out to the right specialists, experts, resources, and information to advance their passion journey.



  • Work on aspects of your psychological, emotional, cognitive and physical health so you can be at your best to pursue your passion
  • Develop the mindset, needed skills and behaviors to attain your goals and overcome setbacks or any short, mid and long-term challenges you experience with you passion.
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