Do what you love, find ordinary happiness, explore Joyhood

Joyhood is the do-what-you-love community. Join us, find and connect with your passions; exchange, discuss, and debate with others; get valuable info, resources, and inspiration.

Joyhood It is free in many senses: free to join and use and a derogatory and hatred-free environment.

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We work for people to find and experience that ordinary joy, that simple daily happiness that comes when we do what we love and do it with others because doing it with others is always more fun and better.

Joyhood is organized around theme groups, which are the core of our community life and represent the Joyhood spirit. People who want to discuss their passions, understand how to take them further, gain insights, meet like-minded individuals, and support others with tips, hacks, and tricks so they can thrive in their quests, can join or create a group focused on their passions.

When interacting in our groups, we ask everyone to always remember and follow our house rules.

In the do-what-you-love blog, we produce content about people and passions. We tell their stories, their needs, goals, the challenges they face during their journeys and the role and relevance the community plays while pursing their passions.

We also bring the perspectives of experts working in the academic, social, and cultural fields, we take pride in representing different worldviews and the society we live in, as we seek that our stories make people feel represented and included.

Our forums are a platform people can use to ask other Joyhood members questions on topics relevant to their journeys.

The forums build bridges beyond a person’s interactions in a group solely focused on their interest. In the forums, people can interact, ask questions, and get insights and varied perspectives from people with different passions.

We created the learning lab for those who have committed to learning, acquiring new skills, or getting knowledgeable about their passions.

We engage instructors who are all in for inclusiveness, empathy, and respect when teaching and understand that everybody learns at their own pace.

The sandbox, an idea incubator

The sandbox is an idea-sharing collaborative space and an incubator where our members can share what they have in mind with the rest of the Joyhood community so everybody can contribute and build on their idea. Then members can find new angles, and perspectives, overcome creative, technical, or procedural blocks, and test and take their ideas further or crack a new one.

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