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    New country creation
    5 months agoopen0
    The proposal is to create a new ideal country collaboratively. -What would be the ideal culture: individualistic and neoliberal or communitarian? - What would be the central education, healthcare, social security, security, and housing policies? - What would be the economic and foreign affairs approach? Please comment
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    Sweet Pancake – New business idea
    5 months agoopen1
    This idea is related to a new business focused on pancakes (like there are cupcake and doughnut businesses) Different filling combinations. Dulce de leche, peanut butter, banana, jelly, Nutella, cheesecake flavor, shortcake, and marshmallows with chocolate fudge. House filling mixture for a pancake tower: 1- Pancake 2-Dulce de leche and strawberries and peaches sliced very thinly 3-Pancake 4- Nutella 5- Pancake 6 - Peanut Butter 7- Pancake 8 - Chocolate fudge and more thinly sliced strawberries What would you add or remove? How do you see it competing with cupcakes and doughnut shops?
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